The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

by Amy Pirt

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Rachel gets the same train to work and the same train back every day. So far, so ordinary. Often, she treats herself to a mini bottle of wine to celebrate that Friday feeling. And that’s ok, isn’t it? She’s had a long day at work. But then, the wine and miniature cans of G & T start to appear more regularly, and one starts to wonder what Rachel is doing in London, and why she has an obsession with ‘Jason’ and ‘Jess’, the couple she watches from the train.

For Rachel is anything but your average commuter. Her weekends pass in a blur of booze, bad daytime TV and constant attempts to contact her ex husband, Tom. Clearly lonely and lost, she is an incessant source of frustration to her housemate, Cathy, who is just as in the dark as the rest of Rachel’s increasing small circle about what she actually does in London during the week. (But frankly, the fact that Cathy welcomes every Saturday by hoovering the house tells you everything you need to know about her.)

Who are ‘Jess’ and ‘Jason’? Why is Rachel so obsessed with them? And what does she see from the train which so shocks and angers her?

The end, when it comes, is eye-openingly, gaspingly good. I absolutely loved this debut and cannot wait to see what Hawkins will do next.