Husband Missing by Polly Williams

by Amy Pirt

I have read all bar one of Polly Williams’ novels, and her first, The Rise and Fall of a Yummy Mummy, is still my favourite. Husband Missing, and I’m sure you can guess the main plot, enters darker territory, and successfully so, I’m pleased to say.

Gina Adler has been married for six months to the gorgeous and rich Rex. Life is a beach. Until, that is, Rex goes missing from one. Where is he? Is he as good a windsurfer as he makes out? And will he come back to her?

I’ll leave no spoilers here – I’m not that sort of reviewer – but suffice to say, Williams is on her usual skinny jeans and heartbreak form in this powerful novel. Do you know who your friends and family really are? You will want to find out after reading Husband Missing.